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Imagine the rich, intense flavors of double smoked bacon and caramelized onions in a convenient ready made spread.

Fusions unique slow cooking process creates a lean, spreadable product that is the perfect combination of sweet, salt, smoke and a hint of spice.

Use Bacon Jam anywhere you would love the taste of bacon:

-  On an egg sandwich
-  In a Caesar Salad Dressing
-  On a Burger
-  With Brie and Crackers
-  In an Alfredo Sauce
-  With Cream Cheese on a Bagel
-  On Potato Skins

All of the flavor and none of the mess!!

100% All natural with no additives and preservatives.

Email lisa@fusioncatering.info for retail locations or to order online.

Recent praise for Fusion Bacon Jam:

"Thank you Lisa for the awesomeness that is your jam.  The package arrived on Friday and we've already polished off a bottle, as did one of my lucky friends who I gave a bottle to.  I will likely add a bottle to my Christmas gift bags next year.  Everyone will love me"